Yo, my guy, how fucking boring are socks, amirite? Most of mine are, like, black Nikes or mismatched Adidas and Sketchers joints my Gammie laced me with for my birthday. Most importantly, none of them have shit on CoolSocks. CoolSocks can be found at coolsocksbruh.com, a URL that somehow lives up to the sheer amazingness of the product. If you've ever wanted Biggie in all his Coogi down glory warming your calves, now's your chance. There's also a bunch of fashion socks (FUHSACE? FUHSACE!) in the mix and some more gimmicky offerings like Flaming Hot Cheetos, Newport and Arizona iced tea. For real, if you're making socks right now and you're not this company, your shit's a wrap, son. Lat time I checked, Corgi ain't got the Gucci Mane waterfall.