While we’ve debated it quite a bit, by now it’s pretty clear that the line separating “streetwear” and “menswear” is as nonexistent as it's ever been. This is good thing as far as we're concerned because putting labels on things, generally speaking, typically leads to social divide and if Four Pins is about anything it's Rick James levels of unity and shit. In 2013, a plethora of brands are serving up healthy mixes of tailored garments side-by-side with graphic tees and snapbacks, while labels typically known for their screenprinting are now venturing into the world of cut and sew, delivering well-made classics that wouldn't seem out of place with a suit and tie. As this movement becomes more and more prevalent, and these two worlds become one, we felt the need to ask ourselves, “Who is not only attempting to appeal to both sneakerheads and traditionalists, but is also doing a great fucking job?” Sure, some of these labels made the cut by simply doing what they’ve always done. It just so happens that the #menswear community has co-opted them to meet their new, admittedly more casual tastes, while, on the flip side, streetwear has simultaneously made a conscious and legitimate shift towards more high-end products. Is this synthesis the future of men's clothing? It's hard to say for sure, but it does seem that way. So, before this becomes the norm, study up on the who's who making it a reality as we speak.