The workhorse of wardrobes, a great pair of jeans is something that no guy should (or could) be without. Dressed up or dressed down, denim has shown great versatility in the way men choose to wear it.

Raw denim is a purist's favorite since it fades and shapes to the wearer as it breaks in, but the style has taken a backseat to "dad jeans" and washed styles that took over lookbooks and streetstyle shots this summer. But fall is coming, and best believe raw denim will be back like it never left.

Expect a different set of rules when you're looking to cop some raw denim, and educate yourself before you make a commitment. Typically, raw denim can be pretty pricey, but expect a longer life cycle for your jeans along with a better worn-in fit for your trouble. This is The Best Raw Denim Out Right Now.

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