You would think that Terry Richardson might be sick of following Lady Gaga around—especially after he was asked to hand over 142,000 photos of the pop star as evidence for a lawsuit against Gaga last month—but she remains one of his favorite subjects. And who can blame him? The chameleon-like star must be anything but boring to shoot.

This weekend, Richardson hung out with Lady Gaga at the MTV VMAs, capturing some candids before her big show. Richardson's photos take us behind the scenes in a less glamorous view of the awards show that aired on MTV Sunday. We see Gaga half made-up and wig-less while she practices her routine. In one shot, Richardson snaps a close-up of her butt painted gold.

This year, Richardson shot vulnerable images of Lady Gaga in a bathtub and captured powerful photos of his pop star friend at the Gay Pride rally in New York. We're just waiting for more news on Uncle Terry's movie about Lady Gaga, which was announced in December

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