For any company, branding is a crucial. The bigger the company, the more important it becomes. Google's trademark logo combines primary colors that are semi-beveled and tastefully kerned in serif font. It has been around since the search engine's humble beginnings in 1998, and it is undeniably recognizable. Let's face it though, the design world is a-changin', and no company's branding is too good to be offered a redesign that is a little more current.

Italian art director Stefano Parrone is stepping up to the plate, proposing a sleeker, sans-serif redesign of Google's logo that intends to preserve the brand's identity and its trademark colors. While Parrone's redesign has been met with some pretty critical feedback from designers all over to the world, there's no denying that this concept is far more modern, current, and sexier than what Google has been using for the past fifteen years. 

[via Designtaxi]