The Vermont-based nonprofit StampStampede wants to use dollar bills to amend the Constitution, but they are not going to pay anybody. In fact, their goal is to use hard cash to protest corruption in government. By stamping circulating currency with catchy anti-corruption messages, the organization wants to start a grassroots movement that will eventually influence policy makers.

The founders of the project include Ben Cohen (of Ben & Jerry's fame), Judy Wicks, Dal LaMagna, and former Atlantic Records and Rhino Records chairmen, Danny Goldberg and Richard Foos (respectively). The group has installed stamping stations at small businesses for people to create their own anti-corruption bills, something the founders assure is entirely legal.

The bold red stamps themselves read, "Corporations are not people. Money is free speech," "Stamp money out of politics," "The system isn't broken, it's fixed," and "Not to be used for bribing politicians" along with the hashtag #GetMoneyOut. StampStampede claims that each stamped bill is seen by an average of 900 people. Although this is nowhere near the numbers they would get on social media, this offline campaign hopes to inspire change from the bottom up.