Recycling and repurposing is all the craze these days in the art world, and recently we have seen some of the most stunning works reused from the most mundane objects. SLO Architecture's "Harvest Dome 2.0" is on this trend, creating a stunning 24 x 18-foot structure made of 450 umbrellas and 128 bottles from the husband and wife duo, Alexander Levi and Amanda Schachter. 

Assembling what appears as a sort of an intricately pieced-together orb, the work of "performance architecture" will be available for viewing in a variety of New York City's waters, floating gracefully throughout the month of August. This piece of work was funded by a Kickstarter campaign, and its success can greatly be attributed to its fans and donors. You can never go wrong with recycling, community-building, and delicate building processes.

Check out the masterpiece at its best in Inwood Hill Park. It's even more magical at night when the masterpiece lights up from within. 

[via HuffingtonPost]