We admire Russell Westbrook for constantly pushing his style to the limit. He takes risks that others would never even think to try, and it's people like him who change and evolve trends every season. Having fashion-forward tendencies, however, tempts the haters to start talking—especially on the Internet. Critics of the Oklahoma City Thunder players' style should know the hashtag better by now: #donthateonthebrodie

Sunday night, Twitter reacted to Westbrook's unique outfit at the Teen Choice Awards—drop-crotch pants and a printed band-collar sleeveless shirt. And per usual, the basketball star brushed all negative feedback off his back. The look was the talk of social media, so we reached out to Russell Westbrook to find out the real inspiration behind his controversial look.

Complex: How many outfit choices did you have picked out for the Teen Choice Awards?
Russell Westbrook: I had two pant options. But [the outfit] was always about that shirt which I had custom made. The shoes and the shirt were a done deal—shoes were MCM, and the shirt was always going to stay.

How did you end up making your decision?
I asked a few people; my mom and family because we are a fashion family. We talk fashion all day, and always have.

What was the inspiration behind this look?
The inspiration behind it was Philip Lim. I looked through his lookbook and took it from there and curated my own look with my tailor. Johanna Alba is my custom tailor, and we collaborate. It's my process. 

Twitter and your fans seemed to respond to what you wore immediately. Do you like seeing instant feedback on what you wear? And did you receive the reaction that you wanted?
It's the best, I love it when my fans react. I am not affected by negative feedback. I am confident throughout the whole process of dressing everyday. That's life—not everyone is going to like everything, but I believe in doing me when it comes to dressing.

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