There is art collecting, and then there is Art Collecting; the latter refers to a tricky game of egos, famous artwork, big money, and carefully crafted market values. But, intensive Art Collecting is not something new to the 21st century. Royal families collected the finest specimens from the furthest edges of their reach. Centuries later, individuals are still intrigued and seduced by buying and owning artwork, but as of late, the indulgent hobbies of royalty have become those of Wall Street banker's, philanthropist's, and entrepreneur's.

Vocational labels aside, some of the collections and collectors mentioned on the list have enhanced the museum-going and art-viewing experience for thousands; others continue to grow and embrace contemporary work and previously-overlooked emerging artists. Each collection exhibits a unique approach to Art that varies in size, price, and focus, as well as origin and purpose. 

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Ballin' Art Collectiors You Should Know About