Designer parody T-shirts are a great and affordable way for fans of high fashion—who can't afford a single piece—to show they know their shit. With the advent of stye-oriented social media like Tumblr, the thirst for high fashion has become more and more real. But if you don't want to be eating Ramen or from the dollar menu for the next few months, you should check out Reason, which is dropping a great selection of paordy tees for fall 2013.

The tees range from well-known cologne ads to playing off highly-coveted accessory labels and brands that blur the line between streetwear and high fashion. However, if high fashion isn't your thing, there are also plenty of other pieces in the brand's collection, too. Reason has come correct with plaids, oxfords, beanies, and waxed-cotton jackets—successfully giving you options when you don't want a tongue-in-cheek wardrobe.

Visit the brand's website for further information.