Raf Simons is a minamlist guy. His clothes are often stripped-down, futuristic, and inspired by elements of architecture. He's good friends with A$AP Rocky, but he's also cool with Humberto Leon of Opening Ceremony, which is going to carry Simons' clothes for the first time this upcoming season.

To find out what's behind Simons's design, Leon sat down with designer and conducted a colorful interview—the source, the scene that resonates in Simons' work. For starters, unlike the vibe his clothes suggest, Simons grew up in the middle of nowhere and his mother was a cleaning lady. It's this upbringing that drew Simons to search-out what he was interested in, which included making his own clothes imitate the brands he couldn't afford.

"I was obsessed with Martin [Margiela] and Helmut [Lang], so I would go to flea markets, and I would basically make my own outfits," Simons told Leon. "I could only afford maybe a pair of socks from the actual stores."

The clothes are now available at OC's New York, L.A., and London brick-and-mortar locations, and will be available online soon.

[via Opening Ceremony]