Pivot Creative Unveils Book Share Bench Clip in Hopes of Promoting Social Interaction

Read a book, share a book. It's pretty simple.


In a world where physical books and magazines are becoming less and less present, Amsterdam's Pivot Creative heard the calling for what they call a "design intervention," ultimately conceiving the Ruilbank. Creating a set of red metal clips that attach to the outside of a park benches, Pivot Creative has challenged its local citizens to share their own reading materials in hopes of promoting social interaction through the exchange of different reading materials.

Quite an original idea, but since the Amsterdam design house understands that it might take some time for people to catch on, they've taken the extra step of providing reading materials for the nine currently outfitted benches, replacing them daily until September 28. Find out more about this curious "design intervention" and track where you can leisurely enjoy free reading materials here

[via Designboom]

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