It's no secret that kids love playing dress-up, so why not do them up as some of the greatest and most famous American icons before their time? Photographer April Maciborka had the brilliant idea, recently photographing miniature Madonna, Prince, and even Marilyn Monroe- just to name a few. The kids seem to have a natural, uninhibited heir to them, and yet somehow are able to capture the authentic appearance and attitude akin to the icon they are portraying. 

Kids, right? These child models may just have the potential and promise to become the icons of their former generations with these attitudes and poses. According to Maciborka, the best part about working with kids is that, "They'll always tell it like it is. In this shoot, mini Marilyn demanded on wearing a certain pair of earrings. Because, sparkles." Stick around and see where these potential legends end up.

[via Huffingtonpost]