Fall is a tricky month to dress for. Of course, you’re going to want to wear flannel shirts and heavy, raw denim, but if you get stuck in the middle of an Indian summer, you’re going to sweat your balls off. That’s why it’s always best to layer when it starts to get a little nippy out: You can always adjust your level of warmth.

ourCaste gets how difficult fall can be, and greatly accepts the challenge to outfit the most stylish of dudes for this season. For its fall 2013 collection, the brand has put together a cohesive guide on how to stunt in layers. The collection contains bomber jackets, graphic T-shirts, button-down shirts, sweatshirts, chinos, and even a pair of shorts or two—just incase it gets a little warm, or you live in a place like California or Florida that permits such style, and love to get wavy.

You may not be up on the brand yet, but take a look through the images and get acquainted, or visit the brand's website, here.