Opening Ceremony is set to carry one of the hottest brands today for the first time ever. This has given OC co-founder Humberto Leon the chance to sit down designer Raf Simons to pick his brain on various topics. In part 1 of the interview we found out that growing up, Simons was very much obsessed with designers like Helmut Lang and Martin Margiela. Now part 2 of the interview reveals what magazines and shows have inspired him growing up.

The designer says that growing up, there was no Internet access like there is today. He would have to travel out of his village and go to Antwerp to access magazines like i-D or The Face. And other visuals stimulations came from T.V. programs like Top Pop. “It was Dutch but they got everybody on it. It was sublime. Everybody was on it: Debbie Harry would be there in Stephen Sprouse” he says.

The interview goes on to reveal what brand he was into as a youth as well his thoughts on owning his brand. Read the rest of the interview on shop for Raf Simons items on the Opening Ceremony website.

[via Opening Ceremony]