It was a debate that everyone had in the late-'90s: No Limit or Cash Money? The lines may have drawn firm for allegiance, but, in retrospect, there's no denying that both labels had awesome and opulently-photoshopped album covers.

From Juvenile's 400 Degreez to Master P's Ghetto D, the labels also had their share of albums that still sound as dope this day. So, with the resurgence in popularity of rap T-shirts, why not rep P, Silkk the Shocker, the Big Tymers, Lil Wayne, and lesser known acts such as Mercedes across your chest?

Now you can, and you don't have to dig through eBay or come up lucky in a thrift store. Aptly-titled brand Coke Magic is selling limited-edition tees that represent the artwork from both labels, and priced at $47 a piece, you can actually pick these tees up today.

So make 'em say, "ughhhh," and stunt like Evel Knievel—you can purchase the T-shirts here.