You might know Nile Rodgers as the dude who plays the guitar on Daft Punk and Pharrell's hit single "Get Lucky," but the musician has made a name for himself throughout the years, and is considered a legend for his talents. He also dresses extremely crazy, and, through the years, he's become known for pulling off looks that other would never dare entertain.

Dressing like this has its plus and minuses: Some people think you look wild, and it gives you a plethora of stories that are awesome to tell as the years go. British GQ tapped the musician and got to business: Talking about the most garish and insane pieces he's worn throughout the years.

"I'm not so sure I was thrilled with my chain mail vest," Rodgers told the publication. "Don't get me wrong, at the time I loved it! I even had chain mail gloves, which I never wore - but I still have them in my closet."

Rodgers also owned a next-level faux faur made by Issey Miyake"I have the only one that exists in the world. He invented a fabric that was going to be faux fur - when you see me walk down the street it looks like a really expensive seal coat," Rodgers boasted.

It must have been fly, even Miles Davis wanted to snatch it from Rodgers. "I met Miles Davis on that fashion shoot. Every time [afterwards] Miles saw me he would say. 'Man, give me that motherf***ing coat.'"

If Miles approved of it, it couldn't have been too bad. We mean, how are you going to disagree with this man?

[via British GQ]