With hockey fans buzzing about the 2014 season and the Winter Olympic games to be held in Russia, Nike has unveiled new jerseys for the Russian National Hockey Team. After falling short in 2010, Ovechkin and his team look to redeem themselves in new red and white uniforms. The red uniforms are a more traditional look for Russia with nods to their flag, eight stars to represent past wins, and a huge crest of their national emblem on the chest above the word "Russia." The white kit features a must smaller crest with the double-headed eagle in the shape of a white graphic that covers most of the torso and sleeves. It also features wings on the showers and eight gold crowns on the sleeve replace the stars of the red kit. Both kits were made to show the intense pride that Russian fans and players have for their country and team and to honor their history of dominance in the sport.

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[via Nike]