Fashion Eye is a new app that just launched with the sole purpose of tricking women. That's the short description, but the marketing pitch is basically that it's a fun game that asks women to choose between two garments on their screen based on which is the "designer" item. Like, you know, it's Sandro on the right and Zara on the left, and if you pick the real Sandro ish based on a 2 inch tall photo, then you are, like, TOTES A FASHIONISTA! YOU GO GURL! WERQ! Apparently, choosing the "expensive" option is one and the same as choosing the "stylish" option.

You can even play against your friends, the winner getting a gift card. Seriously though, who's paying for this? The brands? So, brands are paying to be included in this app even if they're just gonna get sonned by some high-end shit? Or, even worse, a designer might get sonned by some mall brand? If that wasn't enough, the app also creeps on you based on your selections and starts to only show you clothing it—the HAL 9000-esque algorithm—thinks you like because, you know, having an app tell you which clothes to buy totally means you yourself are fashion savvy. I'm just out here praying that they don't make a similar app for men, in part because we already have to deal with