Without a doubt, we can say that Miranda Kerr is one of the most goregeous women to come out of Victoria's Secret's hidden island of insanely sexy models. With a number of recent campaigns to her name; including growing Spanish brand Mango, along with recent appearances in the likes of Vogue Korea, it's likely that we'll be seeing Kerr's face for several years to come. Like her other supermodel contemporaries, finding a signature pose is essentially a must.

It's how you identify yourself from the other scores of stunning girls in the industry, and ultimately a way to secure work. However, Kerr has a strikingly interesting go-to pose. The sharp eyes at the Daily Mail were the first to notice that, whether it be on the street or during a photoshoot, Kerr seems to always be running her hands through her hair. It may be a way of seeming ruffled and sexy, or it may be a defense mechanism from wary photographers—it could honestly just be a nervous habit. Whatever the case is, we're not complaining, here's our gallery of how Miranda Kerr Can't Stop Touching Her Hair.

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