What kind of filter do Japanese brands use for their lookbooks? I need that for my selfie game ASAP. It’s always this crazy combination of relaxed casual basics and a nonchalant attitude. So, what I think I really need is a talented stylist, top notch photographer, flattering lighting and a lot of money to spend on clothing. SUTRO AND KELVIN DEFINITELY AIN’T CUTTING IT NO MORE. They just make my pictures look like me, but with a shitty tint that makes it a little less harder to notice how my unhealthy lifestyle is taking its toll on my physical appearance. Marka Fall/Winter 2013 from Markaware definitely isn’t using some Valencia bullshit. If I could re-do college I’d dress like this because, you know, when it comes to college and regrets, dressing differently obviously tops the list over things like studying harder or being nicer to that girl in my South American Shamanistic Practices class.