The MTV Video Music Awards are this weekend at Barclays Center in Brooklyn and it's kind of a big deal. Yeezus will be in the building and the performances are guaranteed to be memorable. Artist KAWS has already redesigned the Moonman Statue to resemble his Companion figure, and there will be an enormous KAWS figure somewhere in the arena, plus more surprises that we have yet to see. 

We just got a glimpse of one of the passes via Mary HK Choi's Instagram and as you can see, it truly is All-KAWS-Everything for this special event. Companion will be on everything inside (and maybe outside?) the building reppin' hard for Brooklyn and New York in general. This is a major look for the city, graffiti, and the art world. Stay tuned because there will be lots of VMA news in the near future.

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[via Instagram]