Earlier this month, French street artist JR stopped by Charlie Rose to discuss his artistic process. JR's most famous endeavor, his ongoing "Inside Out" project, consists of pasting enormous black-and-white images of a local community on the walls of their city. Most recently, as part of "Inside Out," he allowed visitors in Times Square to take blown-up photos of themselves and decorate the ground in New York.

Although "Inside Out" is JR's brainchild, he calls himself merely a "printer" when Rose asks him if he feels ownership towards the pieces in the video above. Instead, he lets the local community comment on his work. "Their explanation is a lot more interesting then mine," he says about an early set of images he illegally posted on a suburb in Paris. For this work, JR had to ditch the scene right after he illegally installed the photographs to evade the cops.  When the media showed up, it was the locals who answered questions. Throughout "Inside Out," JR has puts the artistic process in the hands of his subjects. "The more you give, the more comes back," he tells Rose.

[via TED Blog]

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