Snoop Dogg

Location: Baton Rouge, La.

Date: June 10, 1998

"This moment in time was an odd one for me knowing how solidly I associate Snoop with the West Coast. He had signed with No Limit for a moment, and there was a lot of attention on how that would affect his style. A magazine sent me down to photograph him in Baton Rouge, La.

"After waiting for him for about four hours, he finally arrived, stepping into the office to pick something up. I walked with him the entire route, trying to feel out what was possible for our session. He said, 'I need to pick up family from the airport... but then I'll come back.' Having photographed him before, we already had a good rapport, and I replied, 'Would it be possible to get 30 minutes just because we've been waiting for so long?' Then the bargaining began for his time, going back and forth. Snoop said, '5 minutes.' I went for 20 minutes. He replied '10.' I went for 15 minutes. We finally agreed on 12 timed minutes for that burst of photos. The clock began.

"In the end, I shot 20 rolls of film, a pack of 665 Polaroid, and 10 sheets of 8x10 film on a Deardorff to achieve what would become the entire session. Moral of the story: fight for what you want, get what you can in the moment, and be ready to execute your plan even under pressure situations. In this case, applying these rules made all the difference as I created one of my favorite images of Snoop ever. The T-shirt that he was wearing, a Soulja Slim shirt, has become a tribute to a 'fallen Soulja' (James Tapp Jr. who passed away in 2003). A moment of support initially for a new 'family' member has now become a moment of reverence that keeps his memory alive."