Harold Hunter

Location: Bronx, N.Y.

Date: July 30, 1997

"Our friend Harold is missed, and the impact that he had on urban culture is still being felt today. One of the stars of the movie KIDS by Larry Clark, he certainly had an incredible grasp of who he was. Fearless, talented and kind... he pushed life to the limits.

"This particular shoot was for PNB Nation Clothing. It was a total honor to be creating the ad campaign for people that I really considered some of the most talented people in the clothing world to ever do it. Their perspective was clear, and the choice to use Harold to represent their clothes spoke volumes.

"This was the first shot of the day after we found a little kid's bike leaning against a wall. It was far to small for him, but Harold jumped on and pedaled like hell to keep the pee wee bike moving. His tongue was out in pure concentration as the back wheel was nearly flat. He did this for about 10 minutes in order to create a range of photos that had him looking like the coolest, baddest, and toughest dude (but on a little kids bike—a nice juxtaposition) as well as the opposite, where he was laughing hysterically, knowing that he looked crazy, and embracing it. Harold is missed immensely on this earth. While this PNB photo shoot covers a lot of ground and range, it barely scratches the surface for who Harold Hunter was in the flesh."