Joey Bada$$ is known for being a throwback to the '90s with both his flow and the way he dresses, and his fans love him for it. In a recent interview with KarmaloopTV, host Carissa Rossi asked, "Your style is so '90s, and you were born in '95, so what was your true inspiration that developed your whole style?"

Bada$$ answered he's not just your average vintage clothing fan that solely digs in thrift stores, but his style is a reflection of his past. "Definitely my parents," Bada$$ responded. "A lot of the things I still wear today, are still the things that my parents dressed me in as a baby. Just things that I was attracted to through them."

Watch the rest of the video above to see what the rapper changed his name to, and what else went down during the interview.

[via KarmaloopTV]