The art world has had mixed reactions following the unexpected resignation by Jeffrey Deitch as director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. There has been some speculation as to what Deitch would do after three years at the museum. We now know that Deitch will return to New York soon for an exhibition revisiting "Calligraffiti," an exhibition he and Leila Heller created together in 1984. The updated exhibition entitled "Calligraffiti: 1984 to 2013," will open at the Leila Heller Gallery on September 5 and will consider the same ideas, juxtaposing graffiti with Middle Eastern calligraphy practices.

Deitch writes that "graffiti has become an important part of the imagery that has defined the Arab Spring," also noting that social media platforms like Instagram and Youtube have given street art "a new resonance" that was not possible at the time of the original exhibition in 1984.  

For more information on Deitch's exhibition, visit the Leila Heller Gallery exhibition page.

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[via ANIMALNewYork/NYTimes]