New York Magazine art critic Jerry Saltz says Deitch was too weird for LA.

In his most Saltz-ian way in an essay New York Magazine, Jerry Saltz writes that Deitch's arrival at MOCA was doomed from the start—"a marriage made in hell"—not just because he was a curator instead of museum crony, but because he is so damn "weird." Deitch is a business man at heart, claims Saltz, and his stunts included the "Rebel" show with Franco (weird), a gala with Marina Abramovic with naked people (weird), shows on Warhol and street art (surprisingly not that weird), ending with a proposed show on Disco (was he even trying at this point?). Saltz concludes his piece, "I now know he was the wrong dealer in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong autocrat overlord," but not without showing his love for the weirdo.

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