One of the labels and designers who have been getting free press the past couple months has been Tom Ford. Hot of name drops from Justin Timberlake, is the recently released song “Tom Ford” from Jay Z. Off the Magna Carta Holy Grail album, everyone has been rapping the “I don’t pop molly, I rock Tom Ford” lyrics for since the album dropped.

Yahoo has reported a large spike in searches for the designer. In the last month alone “Tom Ford” searches have skyrocketed to 155%. The search results are also up nine times as much than they were last year. While there are no figures showing any uptick in sales, there is a growing interest in the brand.

Sometimes the influence of artists can often be seen on what people wear on the streets. But now, thanks to the Internet search results, we can actually see numbers and percentages of how many people around the world are showing interest in certain trends. Also, thanks to constant name-dropping, certain designers don’t really need any PR team to let people know about their brand. Now, we're just waiting to see what those sales figures are like at the end of this quarter.

[via Styleite]