Singer Kelly Clarkson is a huge fan of British author Jane Austen. She recently purchased one of Austen's rings at auction for $230,000 to add to her growing collection. The ring is one of only three pieces of jewelry left that belonged to the author, so you can see why Jane Austen's House Museum is trying so hard to retrieve it. The homepage of their website asks visitors to make donations so that they can purchase the ring back from the pop star and preserve Austen's legacy in her home country. An anonymous supporter (probably Queen Elizabeth or Clive Davis) recently donated £100,000 (approximately $156,400) to the cause, putting the museum very close to their goal. Clarkson has agreed to sell if the price can be met, but we are confused as to why it was "sold" in the first place if it is considered a national treasure? 

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[via TimeEntertainment]