James Goldstein is one of those people you always see around, but you don’t really know what he does. Fans who watch the NBA religiously see him sitting courtside every season. Editors, publicists, and stylists have seen him sitting front row at fashion shows for the past 30 years. These two things should already tell us he’s very wealthy or has some serious connections, but we’ll go with the former, because his mansion is serious.

Now, word has it he’s taking his love for fashion a step further. During Milan Fashion Week in September, he will debut his own collection. If you were thinking of getting the same kind of clothes he currently struts around in, you are right. He adds that it’s "a chic rock and roll line, in the same spirit as my own style". For now it will be only womenswear with a menswear to follow in 2014. As man who likes keep what he does a mystery most of the time, we hope he likes the attention that’s going to follow when he drops this collection.

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