James Franco posted this odd photo to Instagram recently with no explanation, only a caption that said "Vice.com." According to the Huffington Post, the photo is of the actor turned artist's head Photoshopped onto two females bodies in Paul McCarthy's piece Snow White Universe. 

We followed Franco's breadcrumbs to Vice.com and found a long article written by the man himself with the same photo. Franco treats the article as if it were a diary page, gushing about all the cool art that the McCarthy's are doing (Paul and his son Damon), the films he has seen recently, and other art exhibitions that he has seen or that have inspired him, like the James Turrell light installations at the Guggenheim. While the letter is long and rambling and the photo is disturbing, Franco's passion for art really does shine through. Maybe people will start to take him more serious from now on.

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[via HuffingtonPost/Vice]