Hurricane Sandy absolutely devastated the East Coast last year. Many families are still recovering from the damage to their homes and lives. The International Center of Photography has chosen to organize an exhibition in collaboration with the Museum of the City of New York to show the devastation and the recovery over the past ten months.

The ICP gave an open call for submissions and received over 7,000 photographs. The exhibition, entitled "Rising Waters: Photographs of Hurricane Sandy," will include around 100 print and digital submissions from 90 photographers, both professional and amateur. Mark Robbins, executive director of the ICP, said that the photos "demonstrate the depth of the hurricane’s impact and the extraordinary role the image plays in our experience of events." Hopefully exhibitions like this will keep the events fresh in the minds of those not affected and bring much needed help to those who were.

The exhibition opens August 24 on Governor's Island (Building 19, Nolan Park) and will be on view until September 29. For more information, visit the exhibition page on the ICP website.

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