Thanks to the Internet, brands, trends, and the people that wear them are able to interact in a whole new way. Looking at cool clothes on people isn't just limited to lookbooks and fashion magazines anymore—you can see it in real life. Even for people who don't live in cities like Tokyo or New York, it's never been easier to find would-be style icons who wear stuff you think is totally awesome. Street style, blogs, and Tumblr made people realize that anyone could throw on some fancy clothes, snap some photos, and gain enough followers to be deemed an #influencer. Some people even made careers out of it.

Of course, in the realm of men's style, it's mostly been about the innate desire to stunt on everyone else. But before you go put on your illest outfits and go crazy with your phone camera, it doesn't hurt to have a few pointers. No, we're not going to walk you through that boooooring stuff about lighting, angles, or any of that actual "photography" BS. This is a plain and simple guide on what to take into consideration before you hit the "upload" button. So study up before you accidentally embarrass yourself online. Here's everything you need to know about How to Take a Stylish #Selfie.

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