Listen, even if it feels that way, we're not saying that New York City is the end-all be-all of men's style. While there are plenty of stylish places across the globe, and NYC often assumes the title of the world's style capital for good reason—it's a melting pot of different looks, and it's where everyone comes to make it. Of course, Europe is extra popping, but places like Paris and London feel like a world away. So our attention is focused on our own backyard: the five boroughs.

Here's a fact though: You don't have to reside in NYC to be stylish. To be honest, it might be better if you stay where you are. You won't have to move across the country, pay out the ass for essential elements of basic living, and there are plenty of ways in today's digital world to keep up with elitist New Yorkers—even if you feel they're a few steps ahead of you. So before you sign a lease in some rat-infested hole, stay where you're at and read this: Here's How to Be Stylish if You Don't Live in NYC.

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