Sometimes, when you're caught up in the world of fashion and style, it pays to take a step back and reassess what, exactly, is going on. The next time you set your alarm at 4 a.m. to go stand on line in the freezing cold for the latest Supreme drop, or you pass out from donating too much blood for jawns money, you might want to tell yourself to reconsider the absurdity of it all.

Lucky for us, The Onion provides hilarious and biting satire on numerous aspects of our society and culture. Every so often, they'll lampoon the fashion world incredibly successfully, and we'll all have to giggle and nod at the truthful ridiculousness that they portray so well. If you need a good laugh, or if you want to send this to your friend who's waayyy too into fashion, these videos, covers, and stories are The Most Hilarious "The Onion" Articles on Fashion and Style.

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