H&M has been offering fast-fashion goods for a minute now, but until today its affordable gear was only available to American shoppers at its 2,900 stores around the world. The Swedish giant has opened up its e-commerce doors for shoppers everywhere to get their hands on affordable goods that, in the "fast-fashion" model, replicate designer goods that quickly move from the runway to retail. 

For Fall, the store is offering "a laidback lineup of tailored workwear, retro inspired T-shirts, sweatshirts, and bomber jackets." We're not exactly advocates of fast-fashion and all the implications the business model requires, but it's hard to argue with $6 T-shirts and $25 hoodies. This is especially hard to resist when a key step to building a stylish wardrobe is spending a small amount of money on reliable basics so you can save scrilla for various grails.

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[via H&M]