Revolutionary eyewear-meets-web broswer Google Glass has been a big step forward in the tech community, but a disappointment in terms of visual design. If you've never seen them before, when worn, they make the user look like LeVar Burton meets very lame Super Saiyan.

However, recent interest in making the Google Glass appear more aesthetically pleasing has started in the fashion and tech communities. Recently Nina Garcia, creative director at Marie Claire and "Project Runway" judge, annouced that she'll be sporting the eyewear during New York Fashion Week; broadcasting runway shows and the happenings at Lincoln Center via her Google Glass.

Even the designer of Google Glass, Isabelle Olsson, recently posted images of someone wearing the eyewear on top of regular glasses. While this may sound like Google Glass meets "Pimp My Ride," it's actually quite surprising how seamlessly the Google Glass fades into the traditional eyewear.

This could just be a continuation of Diane von Furstenburg's decision to include the eyepieces on herself and her models at last year's NYFW, but perhaps this may be a new way for the fashion crowd to hop on the next big trend in technology—becoming a new fashionable accessory in the process.

[via Esquire]