Convenient store chain 7-11 is hoping to land more than 100 locations in Manhattan by 2017, according to New York Magazine. The publication released an eye-opening story outlining the company's advancing monopoly and, consequently, the demise of bodegas, a staple of the Big Apple. For many New Yorkers, the workers at mom and pop stores make them feel at home and many people fear bodegas will disappear after a corporate takeover.

Because their future is uncertain, photographer Gail Quagliata started a project to help document bodegas. She endeavors to take a picture of every corner store in Manhattan. She explains on her site:

I am concerned that this iconic piece of NYC will drown in a sea of corporate homogeny and I am desperate to collect these sites before their owners are driven out of business for services the bodega already meets by actually knowing its clientele and the neighborhood.

About 4,000 corner stores qualify for her list: "My criteria is that a bodega sells lotto tickets, beer, or cigarettes (preferably all three)," she said to Vanishing New York. She's also walking to each location, logging her progress on a Google Map and Tumblr.

Aside from the obvious challenge of the amount of stores she's attempting to photograph, she's also had a problem with footwear. "I spent the winter in some basic black leather knee-high boots (re-soled twice due to wear)," she said to Daily Intelligencer. "I swapped in massive yellow galoshes for rainy/snowy days, and I happily traded those in for a pair of basic Vans sneakers when the weather got warm. Lucky for me I've only been sidelined by a foot injury once!"

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