Remember how Alexander Wang invited fans of his to a one-time only secret event, and ended up giving everyone who showed up as much free clothing as they could carry? Lucky for us, there was a video camera on hand to "document" the carnage that occurred when the surprise was unveiled and the feeding frenzy began over the free T by Alexander Wang. 

In a video that we can't imagine was too far off from the real thing, shoppers of all shapes and sizes go H.A.M. over racks of free gear from the Fall '13 T by Alexander Wang collection. There's trampling, kicking, screaming, and general fuckery as people grab as much as they can in the free-for-all. For his part, Wang said that he loved having "a dialog that provokes and at the same time has a sense of wit and irony."

If you remember that A$AP Rocky and Bon Qui Qui video, then you know that Wang is all about experimenting with video and using the medium as a platform to uniquely display his goods with a sense of humor. According to the designer, the goal with the secret event was to create a "destination that’s unknown, mysterious, and fun, where people can connect.” Watch the full short film to see how people's fists connected with other people's faces in an outrageous and hilarious video lookbook.

If, like Wang, you're a fan of the 1999 cult film Jawbreaker, then you're already in on the joke.