Yo, I'll be real with you right now. As soon as Yung Schlossypants told me to write about these Carhartt WIP fishtail parkas, I hit up my boy Phil to ask if he would sell me his Supreme Motion Parka because I'm not about to be stunted on by my superiors come NYFW. Like, dude already makes more than me and can (in theory) fire me and now he's gonna try and make me feel like a second class citizen outside The Box? Fuck that noise. My man Phil came through in a big way and is now selling me that Supreme joint for a low, low price that would make you super angry, so I'll just keep it to myself. But for all of ye without brethren peddling grails, these fishtails are lined and come in at the super reasonable price of $294, which, yes, is still more than I paid.