Fiona Apple is and artist who is never afraid to speak her mind and be honest with the listener. She's cool, elusive, and someone you should totally pay attention to if you're ever lucky enough to see her perform. All these qualities make her the perfect candidate to perform at a high fashion party in Tokyo, right?

Last night, Apple was set to perform at a Louis Vuitton party in the Japanese city, but the crowd wasn't exactly an audience eager to vibe out to the singer's raspy tunes. They were a bunch of fashion folk who wanted to come to the party, hang out, potentially get shit drunk, and bounce with some free swag.

This bothered Apple, who noticed a bunch of talking and lack of attention during her set. It prompted pause the music and tell everyone to "Shut the fuck up." She went on to say "Predictable! Predictable fashion, what the fuck?" WWD reports.

To be honest, this does sound like a valid critique of your average fashion party—where the ongoers are more wrapped-up in themselves as they are in the actual event. So do you think Apple had a point, or was she sour grapes because no one wanted to listen to her set, which, hilariously, included banging her head against the piano?

[via Pitchfork]