Dudes always need a good spot to get a fresh cut. If you don't have a "guy" yet who keeps your coiff in check, or you're looking for a solid barber, then you'll probably want to trek over to SoHo. Nestled between Saturdays Surf NYC and the Bonobos Guide Shop, F.S.C. Barber founder Sam Buffa puts his newest venture, FELLOW BARBER, smack dab in the middle of SoHo's most #menswear-friendly street. Now that he's split with Taavo Somer, Buffa's former partner in Freeman's Sporting Club, FELLOW BARBER plans to amp up the service and apothecary side of things—so guys can feel more handsome than ever.

The 800-square foot space combines a throwback feel with a modern sense of design. Much of the shop was designed by Buffa himself—so it has that old school feel while retaining a sense of modernity that you can't quite put your finger on. Consider stopping in after you pick up a cup of joe from Saturdays, and stock up on grooming products from the likes of Ursa Major, ODIN, and Malin & Goetz. While you're at it, you can throw out that old switchblade comb from high school and upgrade to a foldable pocket comb from British brand Kent.

In the back, a deck is already underway—so you can come through with your friends getting a cut, and just hang out while they get that shape-up. Haircuts and shaves run around $40, a quick buzz will set you back $25. FELLOW BARBER is located at 33 Crosby Street, between Grand and Broome. They don't take appointments, and are open Monday-Friday from 11-8, and weekends from 10-6.