Favorite brands: Vans, The Hundreds, Nudie Jeans, Supra

A skater/hipster aesthetic permeated the Internet style set, and for some reason or another every other dude was rocking a keffiyeh. Supra sneakers were the one to own that summer, with guys finding ways to show off the tongue and colorways inspired by everything from Japanese kamikaze fighters to metallic gold. "Raw" unwashed denim started seeping in thanks to companies like Nudie and A.P.C., and early adopters were quick to cop pair to break in for some "sick fades" to show off on online forums. To make the breaking in process easier, dudes started buying entry-level fixed gear bikes—like a Mercier Kilo TT or a Bianchi Pista. Most people who hopped on that trend haven't ridden their bike since.

1. Insensitive Keffiyeh 
2. Supreme Flannel
3. Nom de Guerre Ballistic Down Vest
4. Nudie Slim Jim Jeans (Worn for 4 Months Only)
5. Supra Skytops