When: 2011-present

Denim jackets never went away per se, but they've been associated more with rugged cowboys than popular rappers. While Eazy-E and Tupac wore denim on denim in the '80s and '90s, guys like Kanye West and Big Sean brought the trend into the new generation of hip-hop. Mixing Levi's Trucker Jackets with Acne sweaters and Balmain denim, it was a new way of taking a menswear staple and re-contextualizing it. 

Other brands took note, like Ralph Lauren's Black Label, A.P.C., and rag & bone. Soon, the washed denim jacket became an integral part of every other rapper's closet. Guys like Wiz Khalifa and Drake didn't mind wearing them out, or even on the red carpet. The denim vest came back to a lesser extent, usually on the backs of dudes like Flo-Rida and Joe Budden—who added loud pins and patches.

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