Rappers serve as style inspiration for a large majority of their fans. The clothes they rhyme about and wear end up as a visual reference to what was cool during their given era of hip-hop. While many aspire to obtain the lofty standards rappers such as Kanye West and Jay Z set with their discussion of what's on their backs, very few can actually obtain the exact pieces their favorite rapper wears.

Whether it's because of the price range or it's a one of one sample, rappers sport clothes we can't get our hands on, and it can become quite frustrating. Luckily, if spending racks on high fashion labels you can't pronounce isn't your thing, we have a solution for you: It's easy to imitate the most stylish rapper's steez by searching hard enough and coming up with fresh alternatives.

With this idea in mind, we took a long look at some of the best in the game right now, and came up with budget-priced renditions of their best get-ups. Stuff you can actually afford. Here's How to Dress Like Your Favorite Rappers at Struggle Prices.

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