Drake's fashion choices are sometimes great and often questionable, but we can't always blame him solely for his style miscues, he does have stylists who get paid to dress him.

However, Drake actually paying these people who are enlisted to dress him from head-to-toe has come into question. Michael Raphael, a former stylist to the Canadian rapper, is alleging that Drizzy owes him a serious chunk of change for unpaid consulting fees, hotel stays, plane tickets, and, of course, clothes, and is suing the rapper to pick up the tab, TMZ reports.

According to Raphael, Drake didn't reimburse him for $40,000 worth of expenses on top of his $39,583 monthly fee that he racked-up in August 2012. Included in the racked up bills are unpaid charges at Nike for over $1,000, Diesel for close to $1,500, and American Rag for just over $700.

With his new album coming out, we're sure Drake will have more than enough cash flow to break-off Raphael with more than a few stacks.
[via TMZ]