For his first solo-exhibition in four years, David Choe is looking to Mexico and the Museo Universitario del Chopo (Poplar University Museum) to welcome him back to the scene. "Snowman Monkey BBQ" will feature new oil paintings, drawings, and other works including various installations and a large mural.

The name of the exhibition stems from three words that Chinese men shout while gambling, as explained on the exhibition website: "SNOWMAN refers to the letter 8 (because of the similarity of the number to a snowman), MONKEY refers to a letter with face and BBQ means the player is just a letter of winning. David interpret these words as agents emotions triggered at specific times and breaks the language barrier." Choe also explains his absence from the game: "Why haven't I shown in so long? I been percolatin'. I was busy destroying myself like any decent artist. 4 years of falling deep into addiction, heartbreak, rejoicing, discovery, recovery, hallucinogenics, worship and ignorant idiotic prophecies manifest and explode into a strange reality that I myself can't comprehend, it will encompass murals, sculptures, watercolors, oil, mixed media and if you're lucky and I'm fucked off this mezcal, maybe some performance art too!"

The exhibition opens on August 17 and will show until October 27. To view a catalog of the pieces created for the show, visit

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[via ArrestedMotion