Women in the fashion industry have a bad rap from the media, whether it's films and books like The Devil Wears Prada or horror stories from former interns and models. This has given folks outside the industry have a skewed version of the people that work in it—especially guys. It's not all Victoria's Secret Angels and steely-souled editors. Yes, they are extremely beautiful, intelligent, and accomplished, which can be intimidating to mere mortals—or dudes with a lack of self-confidence. 

But like any human being, there are ways to approach and start a conversation with these women that won't make you look like a creep or an idiot. From struggling interns to PR flacks, we've turned on the sarcasm button while debunking some of the myths surrounding these hard working ladies of fashion. Indulge in our not-so-serious Field Guide to Dating Girls in the Fashion Industry

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