Rarely do we think of rugged activities like scaling a mountain or going on a hike when we talk about luxury sneakers, but Common Projects is trying to change the game. Sure, the great outdoors has long been an inspiration to the fashion industry, but the Mountain Track sneaker is an anomaly—and we love it. In a sneaker world where Raf Simons' adidas collaboration is more about excess—these slightly clunky kicks are the right kind of ugly.

By that, we mean their ruggedness is what makes them awesome. These shoes don't look as clean and precious as their cleaner-lined counterparts, and that's rad. The sneaker comes in a buttery suede upper that is offset with a black midsole, and, while it comes with a $448 price tag, these sneakers are worth every cent. It's not often that you see running sneakers that get better with wear—most running sneakers are designed to fall apart at a certain point, but we can only imagine how cool these will look while beat up.

Visit Need Supply's website to make your purchase. 

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